July 9, 2024

Young Achiever of the Year

Recognizing the value of the younger generations

The future of the wind industry relies on the new generation - let's celebrate the young achievers in the industry together!

It is well known how millennials and GenZ are more conscious about the problems related to climate change than any other generation before. They organised Fridays For Future movements, they demand brands be accountable for their carbon footprint and they are more informed and conscious customers.

As a result, working in the wind industry is not just a career choice, it is also about being a part of a new generation of companies that are leading the world to a greener future.

At the GWO Safety and Training Awards 2021, we want to give space to recognise the new generations that are helping the wind industry to be safer, every day. Instructors, customer service representatives, advisors, marketing professionals; every job and position are important as we work together towards an injury-free wind industry.

Tell us the story of how you or your colleague is contributing to the fight against climate change by helping your clients to meet their needs at your GWO Training Centre. Nominate them now to give them the opportunity to shine on the stage in November in Copenhagen and receive a prestigious award!

There are no wrong answers in the Young Achiever of the Year category...a nominee could be an instructor whose teaching has been revolutionized by the ideas of the younger in your team (have you opened a TikTok account yet??). Show us how you were able to reach your community better and more efficiently thanks to your efforts in the digitalization of your business and creating online communities of the students from your courses. These are the stories that we can imagine, but we look so much forward to hearing also all the other in which your Millennials and GenZ colleague are bringing new and fresh ideas and energies to your table.

Nominate today your best Young Achiever of the Year here

Read the criteria for the nomination and the other categories of the awards here

Deadline extended: 2nd July 2021