May 25, 2022

Why should you enter the GWO Safety & Training Awards?

Quite simply because you have to be in it to win it. Receiving the accolade and the congratulations of your colleagues across the market.

It will be no good the day after November's awards ceremony saying that you could have been up there, receiving the accolade and the congratulations of your colleagues across the market if you have not entered the awards.

What we are offering is an external endorsement of the highest quality training. That is something that every GWO Training Provider should seek. It will give the winners a new tool to help them stand out from the crowd.  

Winning an award can transform a business. It will give you an invaluable tool to promote your company and your people. It will give you a badge you can wear with pride.

Alongside the question of ‘Why enter?’ is the equally important one of ‘How to enter’.

We have made the entry process as simple and as slick as possible so there are no excuses there for not entering. It is all on-line, using a system developed especially for managing awards in a modern, highly professional way.  

This means the most important part is crafting your entry. We asked Elisabeth Mygind, Manager, Technical & Safety Training, Operations at MHI Vestas and one of the judges what the panel will be looking for.

“The most important thing is to give yourself time. Do not leave it to the last minute as rushed entries are very rarely good entries. Then you must look at the criteria and make sure that you address the points we have put in the criteria. These are not there by accident but because we believe they are the key ingredients for success.
“Pick your supporting documentation carefully so that it directly evidences the key points of your submission. That is where the numbers and hard facts and figures should be and the judges will be expecting to see claims backed up with solid evidence.
“Finally, tell your story. Do not just bombard the judges with endless dry facts but bring your firm and its people alive for us. And do not forget to tell us why you should win!”

Every award winner will receive a trophy they can display proudly in their premises and a range of marketing collateral that will enable them to share their success with colleagues and clients.

The GWO Safety & Training Awards will be the premier awards for the wind industry’s health and safety community. You do not want to miss out. The entry deadline is 2nd July 2021. Put that in your diary now and start thinking about how you will put across your achievements to the judging panel.