July 22, 2022

Looking back: Achievement Award 2021, Claus Rose

The Safety & Training Awards and Forum 2022, a day where the GWO community comes together.

Last year’s Safety & Training Awards celebrated the best Training Teams in the GWO network. We also highlighted individuals who have done outstanding work in the Wind Industry, such as the winner of 2021’s GWO Achievement Award, Claus Rose.    

Claus has played a decisive role in the safety of the wind workforce for many years. Currently, Vice President of EHS Renewable at GE he is also well-known for his roles at Siemens Gamesa Renewables. His contribution to the establishment of GWO cannot be understated. An integral part of the team of professionals that delivered the first draft of GWO standards in 2012, he became GWO’s first chairman. GWO’s strong governance structure and the establishment of WINDA in 2016 are products of his leadership. These days, Claus remains a friend of GWO offering sound advice, support and is an active member of the judging panel for the GWO Safety & Training Awards  .

Join us on October 4th for the Safety & Training Forum & Awards in Copenhagen. A day to come together with the GWO community and start a dialogue about the future of the wind workforce. Registration is free and filling up fast.

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