July 9, 2024

Winners: GWO Safety & Training Awards 2022

Global Wind Organisation welcomed training providers from across the globe for this year’s Safety & Training Awards in Copenhagen.

With finalists coming from GWO certified training providers on every continent, the awards were designed to highlight the excellence found throughout the GWO training community. Training providers entering the Training Team of the Year category shows best practices in GWO training globally. As the second year the  panel of 11 industry experts who judged, the competition noted entry quality was superior to last time.

While there could only be one winner, the judges were impressed with the quality of the entries. The number of entries coming from Northern Europe, GWO’s most mature market, allowed for an extra category focusing on Nordic Countries, the UK and Ireland. The judges also awarded “Highly Commended” mentions to training providers excelling in specific aspects of their training, such as outstanding facilities or unique inclusion practices.  

The ceremony finale was the Young Achiever Award. This special award has been created for training providers to nominate the best young talent in their organisation’s. GWO was delighted to award the trophy to Matthew Thompson of Safer at Work in the UK.

Training Team of the Year Award Winners:


• WINNER: Tech Safety Lines (USA)

• HIGHLY COMMENDED for Quality of Training: Maersk Training Brazil (Brazil)

• HIGHLY COMMENDED for Safety & Fidelity: RWE Safety Training Team (USA)


• WINNER: Fire and Safety Australia (Australia)

• FINALIST: Taiwan International Windpower Training Corporation – TIWTC (Taiwan)

• HIGHLY COMMENDED for Safety & Fidelity: MTIC by MIRDC (Taiwan)


• WINNER: Tesicnor (Spain)

• HIGHLY COMMENDED for Community & Engagement: SP Wind (Pty) Ltd (South Africa)

• HIGHLY COMMENDED for Diversity & Inclusion: Mira Rope Access (Turkey)

Northern Europe

• WINNER RelyOn Nutec (United Kingdom)

• FINALIST: AIS Survivex (United Kingdom)

• HIGHLY COMMENDED for Diversity & Inclusion: Complete Training Solutions (United Kingdom)

Young Achiever of the Year

• WINNER: Matthew Thompson, Safer At Work (United Kingdom)

• FINALIST: Szymon Wierzgacz, Windhunter Academy (Poland)

• FINALIST: Ying Yuan Liu, Taiwan International Windpower Training Corporation (Taiwan)