July 9, 2024

Tips for writing your Entry #1: Why is 'Safety & Fidelity' so important?

Award winners must demonstrate how you have placed this at the heart of your training

The prominence of safety and fidelity in the criteria for these awards is to ensure that everyone focuses on two inter-linked factors that set GWO Certified Training Providers apart. They underlines the core mission of GWO and are central to how we improve the alignment and quality of basic safety training standards.

In a training context, the importance of safety maybe obvious to everyone but you need to demonstrate how you have placed this at the heart of your training programmes. How do you ensure that safety is not reduced to a tick box exercise? How do you demonstrate that you have embraced its importance? That is a key question the judging panel will be expecting you to answer.

“Ask yourself how your focus on safety helps achieve learning objectives connected to safety mindset. Ask yourself how you do all this while also protecting people as they conduct their training. We will be looking for evidence of that in your entries”, says GWO Safety & Training Awards Judge Jesper Bagge Hansen of Ørsted.

Hand-in-hand with safety goes fidelity - realism. The reputation of our member firms and our standards regime depends on people trusting the quality, the realism and our clear, unwavering focus on safety in all your training programmes. Making training feel realistic is crucial. By challenging yourselves to articulate this vital element in your awards entries you will reinforce its central place in your culture.

“We hope to see entries that show how safety and fidelity sit at the core of their approach, how that is communicated to all members of the team and delivered in realistic training scenarios. We want this to be part of the DNA of the sector. That isn’t something we can take for granted. It has to be constantly reinforced and refreshed”, adds Jesper.

Another key element in ensuring safety and fidelity are at the centre of all the training delivered by GWO members is commitment to raising standards and collaborating with others to identify improvements that will benefit everybody. Entries that stand out will highlight that vital contribution back into the industry. This is another ingredient in the win-win we believe the GWO Awards will deliver. A win for you, and a win for the whole industry.