May 30, 2023

GWO Forum coming to the United States this fall

GWO Safety & Training Forum coming to Dallas, TX in November 2023

GWO is pleased to announce this year's GWO Safety & Training Forum will be held on November 14 2023 in the city of Irving, close to Dallas Fort Worth airport in the great state of Texas.

As our network of certified training providers grows across the world, the United States has experienced the fastest growth so all the more reason to give all our community the opportunity come together in Texas to learn more about what's happening in a globally leading marketplace for safety and training.  This event is open to all GWO certified training providers and GWO members from across the world.

Watch this space for announcements...

GWO will take a rain check on the GWO Safety & Training Awards in 2023. They will return in 2024 when we will again highlight the outstanding contribution instructors make to the industry.