A program for teams and individuals

There are nine award categories at the GWO Safety & Training Awards 2021. Discover them all here. Before entering please read the criteria to make sure you meet them.

Deadline extended: 2nd July 2021


There are nine award categories at the GWO Safety & Training Awards 2021.  To ensure maximum participation, we have created regional and size-based variations of the main category Training Team of the Year. You only need to enter once to be considered for any of the seven Team Awards listed below. The judging panel will place you into the relevant region or size-based category based on your submission.  

Here are some examples:

A training provider certified in 2017, based in Australia which uploaded 450 WINDA records in 2019 will be placed in two categories:
– Regional group (Asia/Pacific)
– Global group (Smaller training providers)

A training provider certified in 2019, based in China, which uploaded 900 WINDA records in 2019 will be placed in three categories:
– Regional group  (Asia/Pacific)
– Global group (Mid-sized training provider)
– Newcomer of the Year

Training Team of the Year

Team Award in 3 variations – regional, global and newcomer. All entries in this award will first be placed into a regional group. Winners, runners up and highly commended entrants from these categories will also be entered into the second group based on an average volume of WINDA uploads made in the calendar years 2019 and 2020.

Training Team of the Year – Regional
– Europe & Africa
– Americas
– Asia/Pacific  

Training Team of the Year - Global
Based on an average of WINDA uploads made in calendar years 2019 and 2020.
– Smaller training providers (0-500 WINDA uploads)
– Medium-sized training providers (501-1500 WINDA uploads)
– Large training providers (1500+ WINDA uploads)

Training Team of the Year - Newcomer
– Training providers/sites certified since 1st January 2019


Innovative delivery - How you deliver GWO standard training. What are the unique methods or settings you use that make your site different?

Safety & fidelity - How do you ensure a life-like setting or scenario for participants and keep them safe during training delivery?

Contribution to the community and industry - How do you contribute to your local community and industry? For example: Do you participate in local community initiatives? Do you participate in GWO Working Groups? Do you share safety knowledge with the professional community?  Do you participate in industry initiatives that benefit the safety of our workforce? ​

Continuous Improvement - How do you maintain your team's knowledge and skills to ensure a competent workforce always leaves your training courses?  

Inclusivity of training - How do you accommodate the different learning needs and requirements of your participants and students?

The judging panel will seek entries from GWO Certified Training Providers or individual sites (more than one entry is permitted from companies delivering training at multiple sites) that satisfy as many of the following criteria as possible. Each criteria will be scored out of 10, with a maximum score of 50 for a ‘perfect’ entry.  

Young Achiever of the Year

This special award is created for GWO Training Providers to nominate the very best young talent from within their organisations. In this category, you can submit a nomination on your own behalf or be nominated by a colleague, client or manager.


– The nominee is 30 years old or younger
– The nominee is employed by or contracted to a GWO Certified Training Provider
– Employed at a GWO Certified training provider for a period of at least one calendar year up to 09.07.2021  
– This category is not limited to instructors at GWO Training Centres.

Therefore, you may like to consider anyone who meets the age requirements above who has achieved things such as:
– Very high client satisfaction rating
– Highly effective instruction and teaching methods
– Community work and outreach
– Helped support GWO’s mission to create a safer workforce in wind

The Achievement Award

This individual award category will recognise the unique contribution made to support GWO’s mission of creating an injury free working environment in wind. The nominations will be made by our panel of judges, with an emphasis on the individual’s long term contribution to the mission.