GWO Safety & Training Awards: Judging panel

Yniel Sandberg

Offshore Wind Safety Compliance Program Manager - Dominion Energy

Originally from Connecticut, Yniel got his MSc from the University of Gothenburg and started his career in offshore wind in Denmark in 2010. He’s been back to the US since 2017, now working with the nascence of the offshore wind industry in federal waters. Lead HSE Advisor for the first Offshore Wind Farm in Federal waters in the USA, Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind. Duties included reviewing and commenting documentation for HSE content in all packages and preparing the Emergency Response Plan and the Construction HSE Plan. Inspecting all vessels and sites. Environment, Health and Safety is all about bringing about positive change. It is about looking at risks and daring to make the changes that will see the risk diminished. It is about understanding that we live in an imperfect world, where if we invest the pain of doing what is necessary and right from the beginning, we won't have to pay when time runs out. Here you'll find someone who likes to take initiative and make things happen. Someone who won't look away when the risks are there, someone who will tell you about where there is room for improvement, and then work with you to find an intelligent solution.

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