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GWO Safety and Training Awards

About the Awards

The GWO Safety & Training Awards were created to shine a light on the teams of instructors and support staff who make safety in wind possible. The GWO Safety & Training Awards is the world’s first programme of its kind recognising the skills and impact of training providers and instructors keeping the wind energy workforce safe on site. The success of GWO’s community of over 450 training providers is always something to celebrate. Building on the initial Safety & Training Awards of 2021, in 2022 we again shone a light on the winning GWO training teams and individuals.

The next GWO Safety & Training Awards are scheduled for early 2024.

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Frequently asked questions


1. Who can enter the GWO Safety & Training Awards?

The Awards are only open to teams and individuals employed by, or contracted to, GWO certified training providers.

2. When is the deadline to submit my entry to the GWO Safety & Training Awards 2024?

The submission period for entries begins on February 6th and closes on April 30th 2024.

5. Instructor of the Year Award: How does it work?

Introduction of the Instructor of the Year Award in 2024 aims to globally recognize exceptional instructors. The process for determining the winners is outlined below:a. Upon completion of a course at your training centre, Course Participants have the opportunity to nominate their instructors after completing their participant survey in WINDA.b. GWO will curate a list featuring the top-nominated instructors, considering both the quantity of nominations and the quality of recommendations.c. Between May 1st and 7th, the training centre will receive an email requesting completion of five questions to officially accept the nomination within a two week period.d. To aid them in their evaluation the external judging panel will receive information provided by the training provider, including noteworthy comments from participants.e. Regional winners will be selected by the judging panel based on their assessments.f. Shortlisted candidates will be notified during August.g. Winners will be announced during the Safety & Training Awards Ceremony on October 9th in the United States
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