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GWO Safety and Training Awards

About the Awards

The GWO Safety & Training Awards were created to shine a light on the teams of instructors and support staff who make safety in wind possible. The GWO Safety & Training Awards is the world’s first programme of its kind recognising the skills and impact of training providers and instructors keeping the wind energy workforce safe on site. The success of GWO’s community of over 450 training providers is always something to celebrate. Building on the initial Safety & Training Awards of 2021, in 2022 we again shone a light on the winning GWO training teams and individuals.

The next GWO Safety & Training Awards are scheduled for 2024. We'll have a more defined programme, including when and how to enter, later in 2023.

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Categories & Criteria

Training Team of the Year

The Training Team of the Year Award recognizes outstanding work by the GWO training providers following these criteria:
•  Quality of training
•  Safety & fidelity
•  Contribution to the community & Industry
•  Inclusivity of training


The GWO Safety & Training Awards recognises outstanding work by the GWO training providers following these criteria:
Quality of training:
• Superior level of customer satisfaction in reaching learning objectives (participants’ feedback, balance between theoretical vs practical training);
• Staff experience (skills, experience, qualifications, trainer-to-trainees ratio);
• Training delivery quality (type of learning activities, what innovative and engaging scenario are used);
• Continuous improvement (upskilling of the staff, participation in industry’s events and conferences, trainings)
Safety & fidelity:
• Equipment (VR, safety gear, lifts, CoHE equipment, BTT, pools and boats, scaffolding, nacelle and towers);
• Facilities ( wind turbine environment facsimiles– simulators, access to onsite/mobile/digital/fixed training)
Contribution to the community & Industry:
• How do you contribute to your local community and industry? Do you participate in local community initiatives? Do you share safety knowledge with the professional community? Do you participate in industry initiatives that benefit the safety of our workforce?
Inclusivity of training:
• How do you accommodate the different learning needs and requirements of your participants and students (language barriers, geographical challenges, diversity and inclusion policies for the workforce and the staff)?

Young Achiever of the Year

This special award is created for GWO Training Providers to nominate the very best young talent from within their organisations. In this category, you can submit a nomination on your own behalf or be nominated by a colleague, client or manager.


•  The nominee is 30 years old or younger on the 1st July 2022
• The nominee is employed by or contracted to a GWO Certified Training Provider
• Employed at a GWO Certified training provider for a period of at least one calendar year up to the 1st July 2022
• This category is not limited to instructors at GWO Training Providers

Therefore, you may like to consider anyone who meets the age requirements above who has achieved things such as:
• Very high client satisfaction rating
• Highly effective instruction and teaching methods
• Community work and outreach
• Helped support GWO’s mission to create a safer workforce in wind

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